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    stainless steel 310&310S

    stainless steel 300 is a highly alloyed austenitic stainless steel used for high temperature applications.
    The high chromium and nickel contents give the steel excellent oxidation resistance as well as high strength at high temperatures.
    This grade is also very ductile, and has good weldability enabling its widespread usage in many applications.
    stainless steel 310S is the low carbon version of stainless steel 310 and is suggested for applications where sensitisation, and subsequent corrosion by high temperature gases or condensates during shutdown may pose a  problem. stainless steel 310 is manufactured in accordance with ASTM A 167 and stainless steel 310S to ASTM A 240.
    Typical Applications stainless steel 310/310S find wide application in all high-temperature environments where scaling and corrosion resistance, as well as high temperature strength and good creep resistance, are required.
    Chemical Composition
    310 0.25 max,2.0 max,0.045 max,0.030 max,1.5 max,24.0 - 26.0,19.0 - 22.0
    310S 0.08 max,2.0 max,0.045 max,0.030 max,1.5 max,24.0 - 26.0,19.0 - 22.0