Parlanti 316 Stainless Steel Wire

  • Standard: DIN EN 12385-4-2008, GB/T 9944-2015
  • Grade: 302 304 316 316L
  • Diameter: 0.15mm to 50mm
  • Construction: 1×7, 1×19, 6×7, 6×19, 6×37, 7×7, 7×19, 7×37
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    Specifications of Stainless Steel Wire Rope / Cables:

    Quaternu:  DIN EN 12385-4-2008, GB/T 9944-2015

    Material : 302, 304 , 316

    Wire Rope Gauge: Dia. : 0.15mm to 50mm

    Cable Construction:1×7, 1×19, 6×7, 6×19, 6×37, 7×7, 7×19, 7×37 etc.

    Surface: Dull, Bright

    PVC coated:Black PVC coated wire & White PVC coated wire

    Main Products: stainless steel wire ropes, small-size galvanized ropes, fishing tackle ropes, PVC or nylon plastic-coated ropes, stainless steel wire ropes, etc.


     316 inossu prudutti corda rum da sakysteel:

    IMG_6857_ 副本      corda rum inossu 7x7

    730x584--7x7 304 stainless steel wire rope      2mm stainless steel wire rope

    Perchè sciglite Us:

    1. Pudete arrivare a materia perfetta, secondu à a vostra esigenza à i prezzi menu pussìbule.
    2. We also offer Reworks, FOB, CFR, CIF, and door to door delivery prices. We suggest you to do deal for shipping which will be quite economical.
    3. The materials we provide are completely verifiable, right from raw material test certificate to the final dimensional statement.(Reports will show on requirement)
    4. e guarantee to give a response within 24hours(usually in the same hour)
    5. You can get stock alternatives, mill deliveries with minimizing manufacturing time.
    6. We are fully dedicated to our customers. If it will not possible to meet your requirements after examining all options, we will not mislead you by making false promises which will create good customer relations.


    SAKY'S Assurance Artigiani Steel (cumpresi tramindui Simbulisazione è Non-Simbulisazione):

    1. Test Dimension Tempi
    2. Mechanical examining like tensile, Elongation and reduction of area.
    3. Ultrasonic test
    4. Chemical examination analysis
    5. Hardness test
    6. Pitting protection test
    7. Penetrant Test
    8. Intergranular Corrosion Testing
    9. Impact analysis
    10. Metallography Experimental Test


    SAKY Steel'S  Packaging:

    1. Belleri hè abbastanza impurtante in particulari in un casu di FRAMAR internaziunale, in cui passa mano à traversu vari canali pè ghjunghje sin'à u scalu essential, tantu mittemu spiciali priaccupazzioni riguardanti imballaggio.
    2. l'Saky Steel acellu u nostru bè in numerosi mezi basatu nantu à i prudutti. Avemu acellu i nostri prudutti in parechje manere, cume,

    316 wire rope     304 Stainless steel cable


    Stainless Steel Wire Rope Characteristics:

    1. High dimensional Accuracy up to ±0.01mm;
    2. Excellent surface quality, good brightness;
    3. Strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and fatigue resistance;
    4. Chemical composition Stable, pure steel, low inclusion content; intact packaging and timely delivery. It has many characteristics such as high temperature resistance, good fatigue resistance, excellent breaking strength, long service life, durability, etc.


    • Marine

    • Architectural

    • Chemical, chemical fiber industry

    • Shipbuilding

    • Nylon nets

    • Rings and hangers on the power line

    • Decoration industry

    • Rigging industry

    • Fishing gear industry

    • Automobile and motorcycle industry


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