Saky Steel Co.,Ltd together at the end of the year in 2023

In 2023, the company ushered in its annual team-building event. Through a variety of activities, it has shortened the distance between employees, cultivated the spirit of teamwork, and contributed to the company's development. The team-building activity recently ended successfully with warm applause and laughter, leaving behind countless good memories.

The general managers of the company, Robbie and Sunny, came to the site in person, actively participated in various activities, and interacted closely with employees. This activity not only deepened employees' understanding of the company's leaders, but also promoted communication between leaders and employees. The leaders expressed their gratitude to the employees for their hard work, shared their bright prospects for the company's future, and set goals for everyone.


During the team-building activities, employees actively participated in various challenges and cooperation projects, which not only released work pressure, but also strengthened the tacit understanding of teamwork. Script killing, creative games and other sessions made every employee feel the strong cohesion of the team, injecting new vitality into the company's future development.

Team building activities
Team building activities

This team-building activity not only has challenging team-building projects, but also a variety of lottery activities. The employees showed their colorful personal talents through wonderful performances, fun games and other methods, which enlivened the atmosphere of the entire event. Amidst the laughter, employees felt the relaxed and happy team atmosphere and created a positive working atmosphere.

Team building activities
Team building activities

The team-building event of 2023 concluded with resounding success, undoubtedly marking a triumphant journey. It was a moment not only for employees to gather and unwind but also for the company to harness its collective strength and build dreams together. Looking forward to the new year, the company is poised to face new challenges with renewed vigor, scripting a brilliant chapter for the year 2024.


Post time: Feb-05-2024