Sasametal offers stainless steel 304 open die forging. Forged in house, stainless steel 304 can be forged into rings, bards, discs, custom shapes and more. Forging 304 stainless steel improves directional, impact and structural strength in addition to improved ductility and toughness. 304 and 304L (low carbon version) of 304 Stainless Steel is a low carbon austenitic alloy. By keeping the carbon at 0.03% max it minimizes carbide precipitation during welding.




Type 304 has good inherent forgeability, but its differences from carbon and alloy steels must be taken into account. Type 304 has higher hot strength than carbon, alloy, even martensitic stainless steels, hence much higher forging pressures or more hammer blows are required to forge it – and other austenitic stainless steels. In fact two to three times as much energy is required to forge 300 series stainless steels as is required for carbon and alloy steels.




The products are widely used in industry fields like petroleum chemical, wind power generation, engineering machinery,machinery manufacturing,automotive,metallurgy,ship building,steam turbine and combustion turbine and foreign trade etc.


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Post time: Mar-12-2018
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