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We Saky steel is a professional manufacturer and exporter focusing on stainless steel industry since 1995. A wide range of grades of stainless steel hexagonal octagonal hollow rods and bar is available for us.

Regular stock grades including: 

303 Stainless Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, 304L Stainless Steel, 304H Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel,316L Stainless Steel, 316H Stainless Steel, 316Ti Stainless Steel, 321 Stainless Steel, 321H Stainless Steel,416 Stainless Steel, 347 Stainless Steel, 310 Stainless Steel, 310S Stainless Steel etc

Long Product Processing Services Overview
Hex Bar Cutting Products cut include Round Bar, Flat bar, Hex bar, Square bar, Tubing and Hollow Bar, Pipe, Angles, channels, Beams and Tees. Thickness range is 1/16″ to 28” diameter
Hex Bar  Production  Cutting Sakysteel can provide production cutting for product diameters up to 4”. We utilize Production Equipment to achieve these precision cuts with tight tolerances.
Hex Bar Polishing Products polished included all tubular products, with OD 6 ID polishing available, Round Bar, Square Bar, Hex & Flat bar, Angles, Uneven Leg Angles, beams, and other shapes.

Much more grades of stainless steel hexagonal octagonal hollow rod are workable to custom-made. Size range of SS hexagonal octagonal rod: Diameter 5mm-200mm length 3m-6m. Besides hexagonal bar/rods, we also can supply special shapes as below:

1.Stainless Steel octagonal Bars
2.Stainless Steel octagonal tubes
3.Stainless Steel hexagonal tubes
4.Stainless steel  Profile Bars

If have any demand of stainless steel hexagonal bars or rods, feel free to contact us for more products details or just get a quote. Contact information:

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