Stainless Steel Wire Processing Common Error

A: stainless steel silk often appeared in people of sight in the, is a using compared widely of industrial steel raw materials, in many of stainless steel silk finished in the, steel of surface whether beautiful and into to attract consumers fast Xia single of a big highlights, appearance to smooth and clean points of wire more by customer of favored, but facts is, appearance of beautiful and stainless steel silk of quality bad and no directly of relationship.

Two: hand and machine made of stainless steel wire there is no difference. In appearance, the machine made of stainless steel wire than the beauty of hand-and machine finished higher solidity; in addition, welded by hand also needs more manpower and material resources, there are security risks, compared, advantages of manufactured goods is self-evident.

III: selection of stainless steel wire are mostly small, largely depending on the actual needs of customers, but if you just think small and unscientific, to concrete analysis of concrete problems.

Post time: Mar-12-2018
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