Copper Brass Bar

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shanghai Ningbo Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: T/T , L/C
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    The Chemical Composition of High Copper Alloys in ASTM
    Copper Alloy No Cu(inclAg) Fe Sn Ni Co Cr Si Be Pb
    C19024 Rem. .02 .20-.8 .10-.6 .01
    C19025 Rem. .10 .7-1.1 .8-1.2
    C19027 Rem. .10 1.20-1.80 .50-1.20
    C19030 Rem. .10 1.0-1.5 1.5-2.0 .02
    C19040 96.1min .06 1.0-2.0 .7-.9 .010 .02
    C19050 95.1min .05-.15 .8-2.5 .50-1.0 .02
    C19100 Rem. .20 .9-1.3 .10
    C19140 Rem. .05 .05 .8-1.2 .40-.8
    C19150 Rem. .05 .05 .8-1.2 .50-1.0
    C19160 Rem. .05 .05 .8-1.2 .8-1.2
    C19170 96.8min .05-.15 .8 .50-1.0 .010 .02
    Material Copper, Brass, Bronze and special copper alloy
    Grade ASTM C10100,C11000,C12200,C21000,C22000,C23000,C24000,C26000,


    C65500,C67500,C67600,C86300,C90700,C93200,C95400 etc.

    G/B TU1,T2,TP2,H96,H90,H85,H80,H70,H65,H63,H62,H59,HPb63-3,

    HPb66-0.5,HPb62-2,HPb62-3,HPb59-3,HSn70-1,HSn62-1,QSn8-0.3, QSn4-4-4,QAl9-4,QSB-1 etc.

    JIS C 1011,C 1100,C 1220,C3604,C 2100,C 2200,C 2300,C 2400, C 2600,

    C 2700,C 2680,C 2720,C 2800,C 4430,C 4640,C 5210, C 5441, CAC304 etc

    BS Cu-OFE,C 101,Cu-DHP,CZ 125,CZ 101,CZ 102,CZ 103,CZ 106,CZ 107, CZ 108,CZ 109,CZ 123,CZ 124,CZ 121,CZ 111,CZ 133, Pb 104,CS 101,CuSn10P etc.
    DIN/ISO CuZn5,CuZn10,CuZn15,CuZn20,CuZn30,CuZn35,CuZn33,CuZn36,



    CuSn10, CuSn7Zn3Pb7 etc.

    Shape Round, Square, Flat, Hexagon, Oval, Half-round or Customized
    Dimension Bar/Rod Standard(Diameter 5-160 mm) or Customized
    Wire Standard(Diameter 0.02-6 mm) or Customized
    Plate/Sheet Standard(T 0.2-50 mm/W 200-3000 mm/L 6000 mm) or Customized
    Strip Standard(T 0.05-1.5 mm/W 20-600 mm/L 20000 mm) or Customized
    Tube/Pipe Standard(OD 3-360mm/Wall thickness 0.5-50 mm) or Customized
    Standard GB/T,JIS,ASTM, ISO, DIN, BS, NF etc.
    Hardness 1/16 hard,1/8 hard,3/8 hard,1/4 hard,1/2hard,full hard.
    Place of origin Zhejiang Province, China
    Package Plastic film + Wooden case or as per customer requirement
    Surface Polished,bright,oiled,hair line,brush,mirror,or as required
    MOQ Negotiable
    Deliver time According to order’s quantity.
    Shipment By sea, by air, DHL, UPS, FedEx etc. or as required
    Application Electric light industry, machinery manufacturing, Building industry ,defense industry, and other fields Manufacturing industrial
    Bronze Material, phosphor bronze material ,Cast Bronze Materials, Tin bronze Materials
    C54400 CuSn4Zn4Pb4   QSn4-4-4 Good cutting drilling performance, high strength,Free cut, For the aerospace, automotive, heavy machinery and other industrial precision parts and components in such as bushings, disc, sleeve liner, such as automatic lathes, CNC lathe processing products.
    C51100 CuSn4 PB101 QSn4-0.3 1,Excellent cold working performance Connectors for aerospace, computer accessories, instrument springs, arc brazing material, fastener, elastic component.
    C51000 CuSn5 PB102 2,High strength high elasticity
    C51900 CuSn6 PB103 QSn6.5-0.1 3,Good electrical conductivity
    C52100 CuSn8 PB104 QSn8-0.3 4,Excellent wear resistance
    C62300 CuAl10Fe3 CA103 QAl9-4 High strength, good anti-friction quality, Widely used in machinery, ships, aviation and manufacturing sectors such as bearings, bushings, pump parts, gear turbo, seat, bolts, nuts, structural parts.
    C63200 CuAl10Fe3Mn2 CA105 QAl10-3-1.5 good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, fresh water, seawater,
    C63000 CuAl10Ni5Fe4 CA104 QAl10-4-4 hot processing, can be welding, brazing is not easy.
    C83600 GCuPb5Sn5Zn5 LG2 ZQSnD5-5-5 Good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, easy to process, casting performance and good air tightness. Construction machinery industry:hydraulic pump/motor,synchronizer loop,bearing,bushing,gear,mold standard parts,engine wear resisting precision components,turbine.
    C90700 GCuSn10P PB1 – PB4 ZQSnD10-1 High hardness, excellent wear resistance, good casting
    C93200 CuSn7Zn4Pb7   QSn7-7-3 Performance and machinability,
    C95200 GCuAl10Fe3   ZQAlD9-4  
    C65500 CuSi3Mn1      

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