Stainless Steel Sheet Surface Description

N0.1 hot rolled after heat treatment and pickling processes.

2 b for heat treatment after cold rolling, pickling, or similar treatment, finally after a smooth proper gloss.

Dimensional heat treatment after cold rolling, pickling, or similar process or matte surface.

3# 100~200# grinding with abrasive products.

4# 150~180# grinding with abrasive products.

HL appropriate granularity of abrasive polishing, the surface of continuous grinding grain.

In order to ensure that all kinds of stainless steel bending yield strength, tensile strength, elongation and hardness, mechanical properties, such as to meet the requirements, stainless steel coil before delivery must be annealed, solution treatment and aging treatment, such as heat treatment. Corrosion resistance of the stainless steel plate mainly depends on the alloy composition (chromium, nickel, titanium, silicon and aluminum) and stainless steel coil internal organizational structure, played a major role in the CR. Chrome has a high chemical stability, can form a passivating film on the steel surface, the metal isolated from the outside world, protect the plate from oxidation, increase the corrosion resistance of steel plate. Passive film damage, corrosion resistance falls.

Post time: Mar-12-2018
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