Precision stainless steel strip features

Contents Precision Stainless steel strip Cold-rolled stainless steel strip
Range specification 0.02≤Thickness≤0.5mm Thickness≥0.3mm
Thickness Tolerance Belt Thickness≤0.1mm     ±5um
Belt Thickness≤0.5mm     ±5um
Belt Thickness≤0.6mm   ±40um
Belt Thickness≤1.0mm    ±50um
Uniformity of Hardness ±10hHV No Requests
Width Tolerance Width≤30mm    ±0.015mm
Width≤100mm  ±0.03mm
Width≤250mm  ±0.05mm
Width≤610mm  ±0.1mm
Width≤1524mm  +5mm
Straightness 1-2IU Min.3IU
The Burr height and
edge qualtiy
Thickness 0.02-0.1mm ≤6%
Thickness 0.1-0.5mm ≤5%
deburring or Round edge strip
Thickness 0.4mm Bur 0.03mm
Thickness 0.3mm Bur 0.09mm
Surface Grade:
TR —- Cleaning and Degreasing after cold rolling;
BA—-Bright annealing after cold rolling;
SF —- By blasting of the strip roll handing formed after the standblasting surface;
TA —- Formed by the after destressing unit annealing;Coil Dimension:
Inside diameter:300/400/500mm:
Outside diameter: Max 1500mm
(Other special surface request need to negotiation;

aluminum-cap-foil_副本     stainless steel sliting strips


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